Site Closure

We regret that we will have stopped the services.

If you have a current subscription please use the contact form to send your email address and phone number and we will provide you with a refund.


You will still be able to get the following txt2wind feeds by texting F, N, H, A, or M to Wind (9463)

  • F - Far North
  • N - Northland
  • H - Hokianga
  • A - Auckland
  • M - West Coast(Auckland)

The following is an example of an A message:

TIRI 38/34/231, TAMA 30/23/224, BEAN 36/30/235, CHAN 36/31/233, MANU 30/27/223, F/CAST SW 25/35 -> 20 THEN W 25/35 SWRS AKL HW 1510 2.8M